Welcome to Brixton with Refugees Welcome Lambeth

Now Brixton Design Trail 2018 is over and the installation has been put safely to bed, it’s time to reflect on the Welcome to Brixton project that Refugees Welcome Lambeth created with residents of Trinity Gardens.


The putting-up party was a great success, with over 40 people taking part.

That brings the total number of people involved with the project to well over 100!


The square was busy all day, with residents, volunteers and our families all taking part. We even had help from one of our local councillors!


The banners spread our warm message of welcome to everyone passing through the square for nine days. Lots of people stopped and paused to admire them, finding out more about Refugees Welcome as they did.

Even Arty the dog got involved!


We were delighted to be featured in the Brixton Blog and the Brixton Bugle’s October issue, and loved seeing photos of the installation on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook too. The pom-poms proved a particular hit!


Many people were intrigued by all the languages represented, and loved hearing that they’re spoken by people across the borough of Lambeth.


It was great to welcome Councillor Christopher Wellbelove, the Mayor of Lambeth, to the installation and explain to him how everyone had created it together. We were very grateful to him for making the time to stop by on a rainy Sunday morning!


All in all, it was wonderful to bring a positive message of welcome and warmth to thousands of people. As for the banners - well, they had a lot of admirers, so we’re hoping they’ll live on beyond this project. Watch this space!