Refugees Welcome Lambeth welcomes all to Brixton

From 15-23 September 2018, Refugees Welcome Lambeth and the residents of Trinity Gardens welcome you to Brixton for this year’s Brixton Design Trail, with a hand-crafted installation in Trinity Gardens, SW9 that celebrates our diversity and the journeys that have brought us here.

Come to the square, see the welcome banners and decorations made by around 100 people across the borough and take a moment to reflect on your Brixton journey – how you came to be in Brixton, the journey you’ve taken and what the area means to you.

A taster of the warm welcome you’ll get in Trinity Gardens from 15-23 September.

A taster of the warm welcome you’ll get in Trinity Gardens from 15-23 September.

The display

  • Welcome banners
    Handmade banners made that reflect our cultural identities, familial roots and over 30 languages spoken across the borough.

  • The centrepiece
    A contemplative space where we can reflect on the journeys that we’ve taken here in Lambeth and that have brought so many of us here. We encourage visitors to read the thoughts of Lambeth residents and consider what Brixton means to them, whether they were born here or moved here later.

  • Yellow roses and pompoms
    Yellow roses signify platonic friendship and new beginnings. Some are knitted, some crocheted or sewn - each is different, yet they all have so much in common.


Installation created and produced by the residents of Trinity Gardens and Refugees Welcome Lambeth.

Many people across the borough have helped create this installation. We’re especially grateful to the following for supporting this initiative: