Refugees Welcome Schools

Citizens UK developed the Refugee Welcome School concept with one of its member schools, Saint Gabriel’s College, a Church of England secondary school in South London in 2016. A further 35 schools soon expressed an interest in replicating the model. Now Citizens UK and NASUWT, the Teachers’ Union, have joined forces to promote Refugee Welcome Schools. We hope to grow a movement of pupils, teachers, school leaders, trade unionists and community organisers across the country working together to make our schools and communities places of welcome.


    Refugees welcome schools commit to three things: 

    1. A Refugee Welcome Plan: to make sure those seeking sanctuary in our school and wider community experience a warm and generous welcome; 
    2. A Refugee Awareness Plan: to educate all of our pupils, staff and community on the issue of refugees and the importance of providing a welcome
    3. A Refugee Action Plan: to participate in community campaigns that improve the lives of refugees in the UK.


    To find out more or to get your school involved contact Mother Ellen Eames